Trivia Time for Techies 


Sometimes life is hard.

Life is full of trivia.  And a lot of it is good!  I use as much time as I can with my grandkids, and love it.  I spend many pleasant hours in my garden.  I do sudoku puzzles.  It's never wasted time, but I call it my "trivia" time.  And every life must have some trivia.

Work time needs "trivia" too.  A trip to the coffee pot sometimes means 10 minutes talking with a friend, and that may trigger something that gets me a new angle to get me going on my work.  Listening to colleagues at lunch time, talking about their latest endeavors, is sometimes just inspiring and makes my mind think in different patterns.  

Too many engineers think they have to be working all the time or thinking about what they're creating, because there is so much work to be done, usually in a fixed amount of time, and the end date is getting close.  But adding "trivia time" sometimes makes your real work time much easier.  The mind needs gestation time, I think, and your "trivia time" becomes important to give the mind the ability to get its "arms" around your problems.