I'm trying to learn about simplifying.  I'm finding that I want to simplify MORE at 70 than I did at 60.  I want less, but I want to "downsize" but not "degrade".    Do I want a smaller house?  Maybe or maybe not, but I want less "stuff" in it.  I want less maintenance, less wasting of time on those things that no longer have my interest.

  • My closet.  I've thrown out all of the suits.  I can still dress appropriately.  
  • My kitchen.  When I'm 70, how often am I going to have a sit-down dinner for 12?  Summer fun includes paper plates, so if more people, use disposables.
  • My friends.  Treasure those who I learn from and who are good to have adventures with.  Spend quality time with fewer people.
  • My work.  I'm redefining what "my work" is, and putting time into those things that really give me value.  
  • My clubs.  Moments are precious.  Where do I want to invest my time?

I'm not finished simplifying.  This requires more thought and more effort.  Met a woman who lives in a summer cottage for 6 months.  Closes the doors and leaves with 1 suitcase for the other 6 months, being a "vagabond" for 3 of them, and having a rental place in Florida for the other 3.  Could I live for 3 months with one suitcase of stuff?


Use of time is "redefined when you are retired.  But you still have only so much of it, and you need to be using it for the things that bring you pleasure, or that help humanity in ways that you choose, or that are just the right thing to do.  


I love this.  Some of my friends are already sharing time with me, and we're doing fun things.  My husband and I got a motorhome a few years ago, and the big joy was that we met new friends that liked to travel and "adventure" with us, and they've become special.  My brother and his wife became playmates when we moved near them in winter.  How do we want to "play"?