Engineering Insight -- other reviews of Schultz's book

  • From retired h.s. friend:

Hi Bev...just wanted to let you know that I am going to put your book on my bucket list.  I like to read but find that, being here in Sun City with so many activities, I don’t have the time.  I figure that once I’ve become too old, or disabled, to be active anymore, I will then start reading all the books I have queued up on my shelves.

  • From England:

Here's a book that should interest many ex-Deccies, especially software engineers. It's written by Bev Shultz who describes her career in software and later hardware and is called "Skip the Typing Test - I'll Manage the Software" and subtitled "One Woman's pioneering Journey in High Tech". Bev, one of my managers at Digital (and one of the best), worked in Spitbrook Road from 1981 -1994, starting as an individual software contributor and rapidly getting into project management and thence through various management roles, to senior management. Bev worked on and managed many projects including STEP/CMS, Tools, VAXset, PL/1, VAX C, LSE, Office Products including ALL-IN-1, and finally running the Alpha VMS group. Although writing this book as a software engineer turned software/hardware manager and business manager, what is especially fascinating is that Bev covers all sorts of aspects of technical life: working with all the various related functions, handling the upwards and downwards reporting chains, developing a strong business orientation, software methodology, DECUS, cultural differences and much more. In the latter years at Digital Bev had direct experience of many of the attitudes that led to the eventual demise of the company and, seeing the inevitability of the "death" of Digital, she reluctantly left and spent a further 10 years in the industry, which are very interesting in their own right, not least because she had to face up to cancer during that time.

Underlying everything in the book is the reality of being a woman in a male-dominated industry. Bev was already a mother of three when she got into the computer business in 1978 and attitudes were very different then!

I found it a fascinating read.  

  • From a giant in the pulp/paper  industry:

Betty and I just finished reading a book titled, -“Skip the Typing Test-- I’ll Manage the Software” -written by …  Bev Schultz. Reading her book gave us a greater understanding and appreciation for the software/hardware effort that has gone into making today’s computer systems. We congratulate Bev on her becoming an author and look forward to having her sign our copy.

  • From a lawyer friend:

I am enjoying your book so much. I'm about halfway through it. I am impressed with how many details you remembered and the richness of the "characters" you describe. Thank you for writing this. It is a real eye-opener.- Sharon
PS - I especially like the "tips" you share. They are spot on. :)