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Skip the Typing Test, I'll Manage the Software:

A Woman's Pioneering Journey in High Tech

With wisdom and humor, Beverly Schultz takes the reader of  “Skip the Typing Test:  I’ll Manage the Software:  A Woman’s Pioneering Journey in High Tech” through the computer technology revolution that transformed the world’s industries during the last quarter of the 20th century.   Schultz’s high tech success story blends the challenges and fun of engineering at its best and worst.  This  pioneering female engineer in a male-dominated field shares her insight along with career tips that reach across industries and occupations! 
Beverly’s passion for building software and hardware drove her successful career.  She optimized process control as Senior Vice President of Engineering at Intellution, Inc., a subsidiary of Emerson Electric. She developed plant management systems for Systems Research Laboratories.   As VP of Engineering at Mitsubishi Electric of America, her teams produced several versions of an early volume rendering product.  Graphics boards were her focus as VP of Engineering at Number Nine Visual Technology, and video editing systems as VP of Software Engineering at Avid Technology.   For 13 years at Digital Equipment Corporations, she created some of DEC’s most successful software. Her work received recognition: she went to Japan to receive the President’s Award from Mitsubishi Electric; her Avid engineers picked up the award for Technical Excellence at the Academy Awards;  her Number Nine  teams created one of the first 3D chips and won 7 awards at COMDEX, industries’ measure for product usefulness; she saw her products scooped up by eager customers; and she watched as companies like Toshiba put her team’s chips into the latest CT Scanners, which her own radiologist then raved about! She may have followed a long lonely road as a woman in engineering, but what challenges and what great people were along her way! Her passion for high tech shows in her recounting of her journey! 

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