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Engineering -- if you are an engineer, this site should give you a lot of tips to make your job easier.  If you are an engineering manager, then helpful tidbits should be here each week to make you more effective.    The author has worked in Engineering for over 20 years as an engineer or as an engineering manager and has gems to share with you, so check in as you start your day and see what can work for you!

Beverly Schultz was Senior VP of Engineering at Intellution,Inc., a subsidiary of Emerson Electric., building process control systems. She was responsible for the creation of plant management systems for Systems Research Labs.  She was VP of Engineering at Mitsubishi Electric of America, producing several versions of an early volume rendering product.  She was responsible for building graphic chips, boards, and software as VP of Engineering at Number Nine Visual Technology. She thrived as VP of Software Engineering at Avid Technology. She spent 13 years at Digital Equipment Corporation driving a number of their most successful software products. Her passion for graphics and her love of building software and hardware drove her successful career. 

Bev was on WBZ on the Jordan Rich radio talk show recently.   Fun to share engineering insights with night owls!    

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