Author Beverly Schultz Hints For Software Developers‚Äč

ENGINEERS  who do hardware and software design always find that they are being asked to do more than there are hours in a day.  Even if they work all the time, and have no other life, they can feel pressure to do more and to do it faster.  

What makes engineers successful?  How do we focus on the important things in a day and only let drop what is of little consequence?  Do we feel guilty when we're reading mail?  Do we froth when we have to do something over only because our manager wasn't clear when our assignment was given?  How do we deal?  

You're good at creating integrated circuits or at writing software, but there are things which can make that  more fun and can make it easier to meet your impossible deadlines and have product that you're proud of!  See next page on VIRTUAL ENGINEERING!

ENGINEERING MANAGERS of software design  find themselves in that position because they were a good project leader of an engineering team, and first thing you know, they are supervising multiple projects and then they're a manager!  

Noone trains you to go from engineer to manager.  And worse yet, if you haven't come through the ranks of engineering, you have even less idea of what it is you are supped to do to optimize the work of engineers to get the results you are trying to achieve! 

Once you learn effective management techniques for engineering management, you will find that your well-managed team will make their deadlines and achieve the impossible tasks needed and give your company pride in the products built!  Author Beverly Schultz writes about computer software development and hardware development challenges for management in her book and on this site.